How to tranform your body in 12 weeks without ​skipping meals or exercising every day

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    ​A system that works and is sutainable​ for losing weight and toning up.
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    ​No need to give up all foods you enjoy ​instead follow a program that works for you!
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    ​No need to spend hours and hours sweating in the gym

​What no one has told you about why you aren't getting the results you want....

​I know exactly how frustrating it is to be slaving away at the gym for hours on end without ever seeing descent results. ​With your busy lifestyle, ​you just don't have enough time to spend figuring out what is the best diet, which is the best exercise for..... how many times a day to eat and so on.  Be honest with yourself: when you look in the mirror, do you see the physique you want?  ​Have all the sacrifices you made been worth the results?

​Or are you still casting an envious eye towards the gym ​​Queens who lucked out in the genetic lottery?  You know, the girls who work no harder than you, eat exactly what they want but ​have ​insanely perfect bodies or even those guys who look more chiseled than a sculpture!

You can do the exact same exercises as them, take the same supplements and even work harder than them, yet you still look ​can't seem to trim down that waist - or even worse : ​see the scale moving in the wrong direction!

And you've been doing your best to optimize your workouts. Fitness magazines blogs, You Tube channels, Instagram... everyone's showering you with all kinds of generic nonsesne advice but nothing seems to work?

​By now I'm sure you've figured out that that those ​perfect bodies on magazine covers just lend their names and appearances to whatever the hot new trend supplement is - but they dont actuall follow those training routines or take any of those supplements themeselves.

“​The truth is ​what you see and hear online ​does not ​necessarily apply to YOU .  Its not a One size fits all.  What works for the elite ​fitness Guru is ​most not always going to work for YOU ”

​You have tried everything possible, but it just seems impossible and unrealistic for you to reach your goals. ​No diet seems to work, ​hours of sweat do​n't help and instead of getting easier it just seems to get harder and harder! Well I am here to tell you that ​all this can easily change.

By choosing us you'll get the following benefits:


​Overcome plateaus

​Finally burst through plateaus in a fraction of the time and start ​shedding both weight and fat without having to go on ridiculous diets.

​Build good habbits

​Establish easy to follow lifetime habbits to control weight management without having to spend a fortune

​Increase Energy levels

​​Drastically improve energy levels and get more done each day without getting as fatigued

​​​Feel ​Amazing

​Reduce stress, boost overall happy chemicals inside your body and alleviate anxiety or depression

​Improve health and wellbeing​​

​See many aspects of your health improve in no time ​enabling your body to run at optimum levels

​Learn ​​the smart way

​Get educated in ​how your body ​reacts and learn all the shortcuts and secrets needed to get your ideal body

Happy Personal Training Client

"A testimonial like this can really boost sales..."

"​Ros is a fantastic coach and motivator, he has helped me lose over 10 kg since we started training together in a healthy and sustainable way.  My outclook on nutrition and healthy eating has also changed for the better since we started this journey together.  I would highly recommend Ros for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness."

- John Doe (Software Architect)

​​Make a change today that your body will thank you for 

​​This service was created for people who are not looking for temporary changes but people who want to make a permanent Body Tranformation that is sustainable whilst living and enjoying a good lifestyle.  After all life is there to be enjoyed.

​The aim is ​not to go through the cycle of starving your mind and body in order ​to drastically lose weight for a few months, ​then returning back to normal before you notice you ​are back to where you started in no time. I have seen this time and time again​ and hope you are prepared to break the cycle.

What they have to say


"​I was 74kg, after 9 months of training with Ros I was 57kg..."

"​​Working with Ros does not mean only workouts, you will have a great professional, friend, a partner in crime :) that will assist you during this extremely difficult journey and will use all his knowledge just to make everything work for you.  A good trainer is not about how he looks like, or what he achieves. A good trainer is how he makes you feel and what he makes you achieve."

- ​Lucia Popovici (​​PCSO for MET)

"​I met Ros and little did I know my whole life would change. Ros coached me in the importance of healthy eating, taking care of my health and body as well as understanding the troubles my auto immune weakness caused me. Ros studied my health issues and to each training session brought a contagious positive attitude, aiding me to come on leaps and bounds in my training."

- Nureen Lukhani (IT Consultant)

"​I only used to do cardio when I came to the gym, but reaching my goal in this way would have taken years - I don't want to wait that long...Ros showed me efficient ways to reach my goal. He regularly changed my programme and diet until we found one that suited me. Ros is always available to talk and I always leave sessions feeling exhausted (in a good way) and I would highly recommend him to anyone. I've toned, lost fat, and ultimately I’m self-confident.."

- ​Punam Shah

About the 12 Week Transformation Programme

​What is it?

The 12 Week Transformation programme is a 1 on 1 personal training programme that is specifically put together for each individual in order to achieve amazing results in a short time.  It  includes all the tools needed to achieve your ​ideal Body.

Who is it for?

​Our programme was created for​ anyone who ​finds it difficult to consistently ​lose weight, and is looking for a way to naturally achieve their ideal body.  

Where does it take place?

The 12 Week Transformation programme is currently running at Onifit Studio based in Mill Hill with the option of including Outdoor sessions in a number of parks.  

How does it work?

​You undergoo a thorough 2​ hour assesment, have a custom designed program to follow including a food plan and exercice workouts and you make sure to follow the coaches instructions and proven methods.

Whe​n can i start?

​The program runs all year round however there is a limitation of only 5 ​ running at the same time.  ​It begins after your intitial consultation has been completed and your custom program has been created.  

​Why does it exist

The 12 Week Transformation​ was initially created ​​to help give individuals ​who are dedicated and commited ​the opportunity in making a lifechanging Transformation that would last.

What You'll Get...

  • ​​Initial 2 hour + cons​ultation​
  • ​Free Onifit T-shirt
  • ​Body Composition Analysis​
  • ​Postural and Movevent Assesment​
  • ​24 personal training sessions​
  • Full bespoke 7 day nutrition plan and guidance
  • Create Fitness habits
  • Weekly Adjustments to make sure you are on the right track
  • ​Body Screening every 3 weeks
  • Custom made gym/home program

"You are one step away from becoming a better YOU"

For those that want to see results consistency is key.  Ros will hold you accountable for 3 sessions per week.

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Another Text Section: ​Is this program right for you?

​Your Free Taster:  ​We decided to introduce a Free Taster to make sure that each individual has the opportunity to meet Coach Ros and visit Onifit studio in order ​feel confident that this is the right program for you.  Your happiness and success is extremely important to us 

​Your success is extremely important to us:   ​Very quickly you will learn that everything is built with your success in mind and has been tryed and tested.  

​Its time to ask yourself what you plan is and how you will reach your goal.  Success to fitness is all about careful planning.  Have you got the right meal plan in place?  Are you following a program that is geared towards burning fat? Is your body flexible enough to meet the demands of vigorous workouts?

Summary of What You’ll Get...

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    ​24 Sessions (8 per month) worth over £1000   
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    ​Body Screening 
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    ​​Fitness Educational Lessons
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    ​Customised Food Plan
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    ​More than 4 Training Programs

All these now for just:



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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't ​see results within the first 30 days then we will be more than happy to refund you your money.

"​We can offer the above with confidence knowing that its all about results, ​as long as you follow our guidelines we promise results"


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

​​What kind of advice will I get for my diet?

What if I dont undestand something?

​How much is each session?

​Are all sessions indoors?

​How much weight will I lose?

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