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Our Mission

Onifit was founded to​ continue a family business that has been running for over 15 years in property.​  Our aim is to create life changing Home Improvements and build great relationships with our clients resulting in 85% of our work being reffered by YOU.  From start to finish we aim to please all of our customers and go above and beyond with hard work, attention to detail and commitment to complete all jobs to satisfaction.

Does that sound like someone you would like to take on your current Home project? ​Then maybe it's time you consider beginning your journey with us.

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Our Methods to Success

​Fully Insured

​​Have your piece of mind knowing that we ​have public liability insurance of up to £1,000,000 safeguarding any work carried out in your precious home and knowing we have never had a claim against us.

​Free Onsite Quote

​​The moment you decide you are interested in our services, we offer to visit you and discuss all the different options available and provide you with a free no obligation Quote plus priceless advice for your project.


​ ​In need of some inspiration? We are more than happy to work alongside you, ​​providing invaluable advice in order to design the perfect ​kitchen or bathroom ​for you to be proud for years to come.

​​​​​Time Scaling

We setup and agree realistic timeframes to complete all agreed works.  Rest assured the price remains the same ​regardless if any extra days are needed.​​

​Competitive Prices

​​Being a small family business consiting of one to two man team, we can happily offer Very competitive but fair prices making projects possible.


We pride ourselves on being respectful to both you and your home, keeping it clean and damage free throughout and upon completion.  Always approachable for any queries or help you may need.

Our coverage

Looking for a Builder and Decorator in North London.  We are based in Mill Hill and happy to offer our services in a variety of locations across London.

Below you can see a list of areas that we often work in, although if you don't see your area listed, please feel free to contact us for more information.

  • ​N1
  • ​N2
  • ​N3
  • ​N4
  • ​N5
  • ​N6
  • ​N7
  • ​N8
  • ​N9
  • ​N10
  • ​N11
  • ​N12
  • ​N13
  • ​N14
  • ​N20
  • ​N21
  • ​N22
  • ​NW1
  • ​NW2
  • ​NW3
  • ​NW4
  • ​NW5
  • ​NW5
  • ​NW6
  • ​NW7
  • ​NW8
  • ​NW9
  • ​NW10
  • ​EN4
  • ​EN5
  • WC1
  • ​​WD6
  • WD7
  • WD19
  • WD23
  • WD24
  • ​HA4
  • HA7
  • ​HA8
  • HA9

Our Company Values


YOUR success is our success.  This is why we are commited to producing the best ​work and support to help ​deliver the best experience


Openeness with our clients.  We raise any issues and provide ideal solutions promptly.

​Self Improvement

​Never stop learning, never stop evolving into who we want to be and where we want to be.

Over ​Deliver

​​​Deliver more value than our clients expect. Every day and with every ​project.

​​Looking for a ​Builder in Mill Hill?

​Call today and let us visit you​ for a quote and advice in one of the many areas we are proud to cover in North London. Lets ​begin your​ Home Improvement.