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​Have a Body you can be proud of without overcomplicating things

​​Tired of slaving away at the gym without seeing justifiable results?  ​Do you want​ lose more weight whilst toning up and burning that stubborn fat around the waist? Is it difficult to get the right motivation in order to catapolt yourself forward​?  ​​Do you struggle finding enough time and motivation to ​attend the gym (having a busy enough life as it is)?  But you still want to be in great shape?

Ever wondered what it would be like to have all your ​​these problems instantly solved?

​You're in luck, because our One To One sessions were created exactly for these problems

​Build the right nutrition that works just for you instead of copying the hot new trend that everyone is talking about and does't really apply to you or work!

Learn proven methods that are not overcomplicated. Use these to assist you in achieving your goals in a fraction of the time it currently takes you, wether its for losing weight or toning up.   Give yourself a head start and learn exactly where you are going wrong.

No need to follow these ridicoulus overcomplicated workouts you see online, or run a marathon on the treadmill everyday to see the scale still pointing in the same direction.  Instead learn how to train smart and eat yourself slim.


The Feature Highlights

​Save Time

​​Rapidly ​decrease the amount of time ​needed to achieve results whatever your goals and get there in 3​,4,5 times as fast

​Improve Health and Wellbeing

​See many aspects of your health improve in no time ​enabling your body to run at optimum levels and your mind to feel ​positive


​Have all the questions you have wandering around in your mind answered and quickly. As a result begin to really understand ​how fitness works​ how to apply this knowledge.

​Increase Energy ​ 

​Quickly encourage energy levels to burst trhough the roof consistently throughout the day without ​encountering drops

​What would you do if you could ​achieve your goals in a fraction of the time?

Is it taking forever to work out exactly what you need to do in order to lose weight or tone up?  Is it difficult to get the right motivation in order to catapolt yourself forward​?

​We have all been there.  When I first started training I was just as clueless.  I had all these questions like, whats the right diet for......  whats the best exercice to burn fat?  How many times do I need to train a week to see X amount of results?  Should I eat before a workout or before bed.......?  

The questions never seem to end!  I just wanted to pull my hair out (when I had some that is).  Just when you think you are getting ahead, you reach another question!  It took me 10 years to work out all these answers and believe me, I am still learning every day.  What got me to where I am today is my love for fitness and the motivation it gave me to drive forwards and self develop myself.  

The one wish that I have from these last 10 years is that I just had someone next to me that could answer all of these questions.  Someone who could break everything down and show me step by step what to do without overthinking or overcomplicating things.  Just to think the amount of time I would have saved!  I would have got there in less than half the time thats for sure.

I have learnt over the years the most important things in life (in my life that is) are TIME,  KNOWLEDGE and HEALTH asides from friends and family of course and in no particular order!

So the question I put forward to you is, would you like to save Time, build a Knowledge and improve your Health and Fitness?  If so then read on as I am sure you have already discovered valuable information from this site that will help you out.

​I challange you now to BOOK A FREE TASTER SESSION!

Learn first hand ​exactly what we are talking ​about and get a Free Taster Session to see exactly how everything ​works!

What our customers are saying:

Best part of the testimonials goes here...

"​Ros is a fantastic coach and motivator, he has helped me lose over 10 kg since we started training together in a healthy and sustainable way.  My outclook on nutrition and healthy eating has also changed for the better since we started this journey together.  I would highly recommend Ros for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness."

I was 74kg, after 9 months of training with Ros I was 57kg...

"​Working with Ros does not mean only workouts, you will have a great professional, friend, a partner in crime :) that will assist you during this extremely difficult journey and will use all his knowledge just to make everything work for you.  A good trainer is not about how he looks like, or what he achieves. A good trainer is how he makes you feel and what he makes you achieve.""

​​Lucia Popovici // ​​PCSO MET

The best kinds of testimonials are...

​"​I met Ros and little did I know my whole life would change. Ros coached me in the importance of healthy eating, taking care of my health and body as well as understanding the troubles my auto immune weakness caused me. Ros studied my health issues and to each training session brought a contagious positive attitude, aiding me to come on leaps and bounds in my training."

​Nureen Lukhani  

Onifit Block Session

What are Onifit Block Sessions?

Onifit Block Sessions where created for anyone that wants to keep things simple achive results at the same time.  There are a number of differnt size Blocks listed below in order to accomodate everyone.  Each session runs for 1 hour which is ​the perfect amount of time to warm up, exercise and cool down after feeling energised and refreshed.

Benefits of One To One

The benefits of training One to One are endless as this way all focus is dedicated solely on you.  Sessions are preped beforehand with your goals, injuries and level in mind, meaning you ​have nothing to worry about besides putting the effort in and following instructions.

​Coach Ros will hold you accountable for attending ​each session and give you all the motivation you need.  Wether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or just improve your overall fitness​, after sitting down with Coach Ros you will build a plan and discuss exactly what you would like to achieve.

Onifit Studio

Our studio is located just off Mill Hill Broadway making it ideal location.  Perfect for anyone that is overwhelmed with the Gym environmnet and prefers to train in the comfort of a One to One session.  Our studio is fully equiped with all the Training gear needed to produce results.  Onifit studio offers changing rooms and showering facilities whilst stree parking is available during all hours.  

Train Outdoors

If training indoors is not for you then we offer Outdoor training in a number of parks such as Parliament Hill, Mill Hill and Victoria park.  Training outdoors can be a real motivtor for anyone.  We can provide the Training kit and produce high level sessions for anyone.  The only downfall to the outdoors is obviously if the weather permits you to train however in such instances Onifit studio is always available.

​Training Styles

​We always base the training style on each individual and ​first of all what would motivate them the most followed by the right type of training to compliment your goals.  Here is a list the most popular trainins we use.

  • Circuit T​rainin​g
  • Weight Training
  • Boxing Padwork
  • H.I.I.T Training
  • Running
  • ​Tabata

Whos this is for?

  • ​Anyone who ​​​​wants to maximise results and decrease the amount of time taken
  • Anyone who prefers working out ​in the comfort of not being watched
  • Anyone who values their health and wants to make improvements
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to burn stubborn fat, lose weight or tone up
  •  Anyone that needs motivation ​with both exercise and nutrition

Whos this is not for?

  • ​​Anyone who is not really interested i​n results
  • Anyone who prefers working ​in Groups or in crouwded spaces
  • ​Anyone who ​does not like following instructions
  • ​Anyone who is not recommended to exercise by Doctor
  •  ​Anyone that needs no motivation and knows all the secrets to fitness 

What You'll Get

  • Postural and Movement Assesment
  • ​Body Screening Test
  • 1 Hour sessions including warmp up and cool down
  • ​Creat Fitness Habbits
  • ​Nutritional Guidance and advice
  • Set up Mini Goals

​Onifit tudio

1 session for £50

5 sessions for £200

10 sessions for £350

20 sessions for £600

O​utcall Sessions

1 session for £60

5 sessions for £250

10 sessions for £450

20 sessions for £800

​All Blocks expire after 3 months

​Ros leonida  // ​Coach

​Hi I'm Ros, Founder of Onifit ​a proud Body Coach.  I am here to help you achieve greatness in whatever form you see it.

​Fitness is my passion and I am very lucky that its also my job at the same time.  I have been in the ​exact same shoes as yourself when I first started.

After 10 years of building a knowledge and experience, my only wish is that I had someone next to me at the beggining showing me step by step exactly what I needed to do.

For this reason I became a Coach making a vow to help others skip the difficulties I went through ​and I can comfortably say I am in the best position now to help guide and develop people.

​Ros Leonida

Join ​Our list of Happy Customers

​"​I only used to do cardio when I came to the gym, but reaching my goal in this way would have taken years - I don't want to wait that long...Ros showed me efficient ways to reach my goal. He regularly changed my programme and diet until we found one that suited me. Ros is always available to talk and I always leave sessions feeling exhausted (in a good way) and I would highly recommend him to anyone. I've toned, lost fat, and ultimately I’m self-confident.."

​Punam Shah  //  ​Student

​I challange you now to BOOK A FREE TASTER SESSION!

Learn first hand ​exactly what we are talking ​about and get a Free Taster Session to see exactly how everything ​works!




100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't see any results after ​a ​30 days,  ​and have followed all Ros's instructions then​ just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.  

​Ros Leonida

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