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Welcome to Onifit providing you with Top Personal Training in ​Mill Hill ​Studio or outdoor ​sessions in a number of locations including Hampstead and Finchley.


Based in Mill Hill, North London, Onifit is run by Ros Leonida, a successful entrepreneur and health and body coach. Specialising in weight loss and body transformations through both exercise, nutritional guidance and support, Onifit is here to help you reach your fitness and nutritional goals. 

“I am here with a vision in my mind to build a community of people who never would have imagined they would get into fitness and change their lives for the better."

Too many people I see are losing time and opportunities to better themselves, not realising their worth and potential. I was one of those people on a long slope downwards leading to nothing but obesity, lack of energy and all the negatives associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. So I urge people to do something their body will look back on and thank them for by trying something different. Make that first step and help me help you make a difference!

​​Ros Leonida

Smiling Personal Trainer in Mill Hill with hands croseed


  • ​​Mill Hill Based Studio plus outdoor Training.
  • ​Specializing in Weight Loss Management and Body. Transformations
  • ​​For anyone ready and willing to prioritise their body through Health and Fitness.

​Onifit Studio

Client Training at Onifit Personal Training Studio in MIll Hill

My training methods may be different to other trainers, as my aim is not for small improvements.  My aim is to get people into fitness and help them make a lifestyle change as well as getting in shape and having endless energy.  So let me unlock the potential that's been hiding inside”

Onifit training plans include 1-2-1 sessions, group sessions, bootcamps, circuit style training, HITT training, bpad training and nutritional wellness. Creating a personalised plan for every individual is key to sustained and long lasting positive lifestyle changes.

So what are you waiting for? Visit www.onifit.co.uk or contact Ros on 07803265255 or via email at info@onifit.co.uk.


  • ​​Lifechanging effects increasing energy levels.
  • ​Lifestyle changes providing a healthier YOU.
  • ​​One to One sessions, Group Sessions, Nutritional Wellness.
  • Circuit Training, Boxing, H.I.I.T, Weight Training

​If you would like to learn more then visit our Service section and learn about all the different types of offers we have. Book your free Personal Training in Mill Hill session here.

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