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There are a LOT of misconceptions about electrical work. Like who can legally do what and do you have to employ an Electrician?
Trust me when we say even electricians argue this point!
Sometimes (believe it or not) down to lack of knowledge and sometimes because they insist that only “qualified” people can do any electrical work.  SO WHAT CAN WE DO?…. Although we do know our way around many things electrical, we am not certified to do certain types of work which we stay well away from but our Property Maintenance in North London services come far cheaper than any electrician you will find.   What can you legally change in your home?

Property Maintenance in North London
Property Maintenance in North London

That said, as a rule of thumb, and to simplify it for you the customer we are permitted to change/replace/repair certain things around your home. Such as (but not limited to) light switches, sockets, lights, bulbs, tubes, plugs, fuses etc.

As long as the job isn’t within a ‘special location’ such as a bathroom or outdoors, you’re also allowed to install additional new light fittings, switches, sockets and even add a single fused spur to an existing circuit (a ‘spur’ is a new cable and socket run as a branch from an existing socket on the ring main)

As a basic guide and rule of thumb – If it is in place I can replace or repair.

Rest assured, we do not want to do anything that is illegal or worse yet dangerous and we will not put you or ourselves in that position.  But chances are for all your basic electrical requirements our Property Maintenance in North London services will be able to help you.

Types of Electrical Property maintenance in London we offer

Light Fitting 

Ring Doorbell

Smoke Detector Install

Property Maintenance in North London
Replacing Bathroom Extractor Fan

Property Maintenance in North London
Replacing Double Socket

Wireless Camera Security

Outside Floodlight

Yale Wireless Alarm  Supply and Fit

CAT 5 and Cat 6 Home network Install